Why convert your aga to electricity?


Save Money

By converting to electricity you will undoubtedly save money on your annual service costs and avoid being stung by highly volatile oil prices. In addition to this, shifts in oil quality have meant heat-storage cookers are more high maintenance than ever. The result: increased call-out rate and higher running costs. The savings you will make from converting to electricity mean the payback period is relatively short. Meaning anything saved after this is more money in your pocket.


Traditional AGAs has not always been energy efficient. Now, through converting to electricity, your cooker will be almost as convenient as a modern oven.

With the ElectricKit we can reduce heating times down significantly. The hobs will now reach cooker temperature in less than 15 minutes with the oven chamber reaching up to 200°C within just 1 hour 30 minutes; presenting you with new flexibility and also the ability to accurately control cooking temperatures and measure energy usage. This makes extra sense if your cooker is in your second or holiday home as you can avoid unnecessary fuel consumption during vacant periods.

You will also find it much easier to manage throughout the seasons and achieve your perfect temperature the year round.

Clean and clever

By this, we mean that in converting your AGA oven to electricity, you avoid the various hassle and eyesores inherent in the original system. Using electricity instead of oil means you are no longer burning fuel. And this means; no waste product, no carbon monoxide, no dirty ash, and no requirement for a bulky, unsightly fuel tank.

It also creates further flexibility for positioning your cooker as it’s no longer dependant on the location of the flue.

Any questions?

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